District Profile


Who Hardin Community School Serves

Hardin Community School primarily students in Hardin County and accepts students who live in Ohio. Students who attend Hardin Community School are at least one year behind their (cohort) classmates or at risk of dropping out of school.

Hardin Community School Enrollment

Hardin Community School is a one building school that serves students in grades 6 - 12;  an average of 35 students attend.


Hardin Community School is accredited by the Ohio Department of Education and the North Central Association

Work Based Learning

A Senior Industry Credential program made its debut at Hardin Community School during the fall of 2018 and will continue to grow in 2019-2020.

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning Lab, Jefferson County, Ohio ESC serves as the curriculum provider. By using this curriculum our outcomes are not solely based on student test scores – but on graduation rates, college acceptances, and meaningful jobs. We believe success is not solely about achieving academic results, but it’s about securing futures.

School Report Card

The HCS Report Card is now available as a download on the Parent/Student page of this website.